A healthy scalp is a green-minded one. Good for up to 100 showers, we designed our new shampoo bars with the mission of reducing the large waste created by traditional liquid shampoo products. But for us, it’s not just the thought that counts, but the moisturizing, shine-enhancing, and cleansing properties of our products. That is why we infused each one of our shampoo bars with natural ingredients to bring health to your scalp in the most sustainable manner possible. Whether you want to add some spunk to your hair or make it shimmer like a celebrity, SUDs has crafted the perfect shampoo bar for you.

Each shampoo bar is plastic-free, allowing you to cut your waste down. Our products are also designed to last longer than a traditional liquid format, as the solid design ensures that you only use up to what you need. We’re making your hair environmentally aware.